Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

VCBR provides recovery, opportunity, and support to residents so they may safely return to their communities.

Vision Statement:

VCBR will be the model treatment facility of Sexually Violent Predators in the nation.

VCBR Values:

We believe we can best fulfill our vision and accomplish our mission by demonstrating and living the following values.

  • Performing work that is purposeful and fulfilling
  • Exemplifying professionalism, ethical, and high moral standards of conduct
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the facility's mission
  • Being team players and supporting one another
  • All people should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Individuals served should receive needed services that result in good outcomes
  • People should be empowered to make informed choices
  • Provide evidence based treatment
  • Focus first on the individual being served
  • Responsiveness to external stakeholders
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Professionalism, Integrity, and Trust
  • Stewardship

VCBR Treatment Program

  • VCBR has a 99 percent resident participation rate of residents active in treatment. This participation rate far exceeds the participation rate expected at the original construction of VCBR, approximately 30 percent.
  • Since inception, 251 individuals have been court-determined to have successfully completed the treatment program at VCBR and have been conditionally released.
  • Twenty states allow for the civil commitment of sexually violent predators. VCBR is the only facility in the Commonwealth that provides such service.
  • As of a September 2017 study, of the 20 states that allow for civil commitment, VCBR has conditionally released more individuals than any other commitment facility with in the country, a testimony to the rate of success of the treatment program at VCBR.