Changing the Commonwealth and the lives of our residents


PRESS RELEASE: Virginia Center for Behavioral Health Celebrates Facility Expansion At Groundbreaking Ceremony

NOTICE: All VCBR staff and visitors should use the 360 entrance from July 30th - October to access VCBR's parking lot. Please be advised that the turn from Route 360 onto campus will be closed to traffic in October. At that time, please use the alternative entrance from Route 460. There will be signs directing traffic from the 460 entrance for those who are not familiar with it. We strongly recommend not using Lewiston Plank Road (723) between Route 360 and 460. This intersection has a high number of accidents and we want staff, visitors, and family members to be safe.

    Alternative routes recommended are as follows:
  • From Richmond via Route 360: Make a left onto Route 49; Turn right onto Route 460; Turn Right onto campus.
  • From Route 460 heading east: Continue on Route 460 past Route 360 towards Crewe; Turn left onto campus.

We recognize that this is a disruption, but the target is parking lot completion within 80 days. Thank you for your patience.


The Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation (VCBR) was opened in 2008 in beautiful Burkeville, Virginia. Operated by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS), it provides a secure environment for the treatment of adults deemed to be Sexually Violent Predators.

Residents of VCBR are former DOC inmates who have undergone a rigorous selection, evaluation and civil commitment process, and who are determined by a court to present a significant risk for sexually reoffending. VCBR residents undergo intensive treatment aimed at reducing their risk so that they can be returned to the community, where they will be closely supervised.


VCBR is committed to changing the Commonwealth and the lives of our residents through a comprehensive treatment program that lowers the re-offense risk of our population to the lowest level possible; providing an invaluable service to the communities of Virginia.

Click here for a link to Section 37.2-9 Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators of the Code of Virginia.


Join our team at VCBR. The Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation is always looking for good employees. If you would like to search our job listings, please visit Virginia Jobs. With this link you can search for a job with our facility or any other state agency.


The Leadership and Management Pathway Program (LAMPP) is a group of staff members from multiple departments that graduated from a 5 day program focused on leadership and management concepts. The LAMPP group reunited for lunch, and enjoyed fellowship and great conversation.

LAMPP Group Having Lunch

LAMPP Group Having Lunch